Why is the greenhouse effect a concern?

Diagram_showing_ten_indicators_of_global_warmingThe increase of greenhouse emissions is dangerous because this changes the climate at a pace faster than some living organisms can adapt to. Also the climate becomes unpredictable and this is a challenge to all forms of life. Historically the Earth’s climate has changed numerous times and has shifted from high temperatures to very low temperatures. However, these swings usually happen during the course of hundreds of thousands of years. Now we observe a peak in the temperature escalating in just a few decades.

Furthermore, with the concentration of greenhouse gases in the air and the consequent temperature increase the ice of the Arctic starts to melt. The extra water being released can change the sea levels and endanger the life of people who live near the sea. This also poses a threat to the storage of drinkable water that historically comes from the glaciers. If the glaciers melt, then the amount of drinkable water will be reduced dramatically. Last but not least, global warming can lead to extreme weather conditions such as excessive rain or drought. This could pose a great challenge to agriculture. Scientists see some of these changes happening more quickly than they had expected.

Why do you think the greenhouse effect is an important issue to address? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo by en.wikipedia.org


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