What you can do about the greenhouse effect? (part 1)

Photo by www.pixabay.comWe all acknowledge how important it is to protect the environment but how many of us actually do anything in our everyday lives to reduce pollution? In spite of what many people think, there are quite a few practical issues we can all address to help the environment and at the same time save quite a lot of money. We just need to be informed and aware of our every day choices that affect the environment. Let’s have a look at some ideas:

  • What car are you driving? When you buy a car, look for a model that is ecofriendly. Each gallon of gas you use, releases in the atmosphere 25 pounds of greenhouse gases. Buying a car that provides fuel economy means not only that you take care of the environment but that you also save a lot of money.
  • Is your house well insulated? Air leaks in your house can lead to up to 15% -25% of heat loss during winter time. Making your doors and windows air tight means spending less money on central heating. At the same time you are burning less energy to keep your house warm.
  • Do you use a thermostat? A thermostat lets you know the exact temperature in each room and how much time you actually need to heat up or cool down the place. In this way you can plan ahead when to turn on and turn off the heating.
  • Do you use power strips? Power strips (or power boards) allow you to connect many different plugs in one socket and turn them all off at once. This reduces the “phantom loads” and saves an amazing amount from your electric bill. What is the point of leaving your DVD player or hi- fi on if you don’t watch a movie or listen to music? Using power strips or just unplugging the devices can really have a positive impact on the environment.
  • What about your refrigerator and air conditioner? By upgrading the refrigerator and air conditioner often you make sure to have the most energy efficient devices. Whenever you buy any of these appliances, look at the Energy Star label which tells you if they are of the newest technology. These models may be a bit more expensive initially but after some time pay off the extra cost.

These and numerous other solutions can help us reduce the environmental impact of our everyday activities and promote a more sustainable way of living. All that it takes is some self – awareness and the willingness to change a few of our habits that are so detrimental to nature.

What do you think you can do about the greenhouse effect? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo by pixabay.com


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