What you can do about the greenhouse effect ? (part 2)

Our everyday decisions may seem unimportant but collectively can have a huge impact on the environment. Reducing greenhouse gases does not mean that you have to radically change your every day life. It just means that you have to be informed about your impact on the planet and alter some of your everyday choices to more ecofriendly alternatives. Let’s take a look at some more of these practical solutions:

  • What kind of light bulbs do you use? New LED lamps can be as bright as the traditional ones while saving up to 85% electricity. They can be a bit more expensive but in the long run the pay off their price. Try using new technology light bulbs in all the rooms of your house and of course don’t forget to switch them off once you exit the room. Also try to take advantage of the day light as much as possible.
  • Do you wash your clothes? Of course you do. Washing your clothes in cold water or water that is heated up to 30̊ will allow you to save lots of energy. Today’s washing powders are really effective and can do their work even in low temperatures. So do yourself a favor and wash your clothes in cooler water.
  • How many products do you buy? The more products you buy the more energy you use. When industries make products they use water, heat, oil, carbon and other kinds of natural resources. The more products are produced in this way the more fossil fuel is burnt. This means more greenhouse emissions and more pollution for the environment. If you reduce, reuse and recycle you make the planet a great favor.
  • Does your government know? Politicians, business leaders and policy makers need to know that there are people out there who really care about the environment. Global warming is an important issue and only if we show that we care, things can change. Use your power as a voter to put pressure on your local leaders so that they follow policies that are eco friendly.
  • Does your neighbor know? The more people are informed about climate change the better. Research suggests that if all Americans reduced their greenhouse emissions up to 20%, 200 coal plants could be completely shut down. This could have a huge impact on the environment and help us fight climate change. Spread the word and let people know how much you care about environmental issues. You may also inspire other people to follow your example.

What do you think you can do about the greenhouse effect? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo by flickr.com  /  Gerald Simmons


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